A Chronic Wound

One that has failed to progress through the standard phases of healing in an orderly, timely fashion and has shown no significant progress in 30 days / 4 weeks.

We follow the five main steps to healing each chronic wound

The Five Steps

When you turn to our specially trained experts, we follow 5 main steps to the healing of each wound:

  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Re-Evaluation
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Patient Education

Our team works in conjunction with your primary physician and with a wide variety of specialists who may be needed to treat the “whole patient” so that any underlying or preexisting conditions are also addressed to ensure the very best wound healing outcomes for our patients.

We provide the following services for wound treatment:

Diagnostic Procedures



Dressing Changes

Additional Therapies:
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Compression Therapy, Casting/Total Contact Casting Therapy, Orthotics, Nutritional Counseling, and more.

Infection Prevention and Infection Control

Coordination of Additional Services, including Transportation,
Home Health, Extended Care